Which course seems the best to become a web developer?

I want to become a web developer, I have done research and
I have found that having a great portfolio is much better than having a degree in computer science and web development certificates with no portfolio. And I believe in the time it would take to do the latter, I could have a brilliant portfolio of my work put together in less time.

I only want to learn some languages, the basics and the process involved. I would like to do this in a course so it's a set learning path that teaches me a solid foundation.

I have seen this course which is, it gives me the option to view video lessons on the go which interests me. What do you think of it? $199 (122)

This course which is aparently down from 1100 to 99. I dont know they have lied about the origional value of the information but if they havent it seems a food offer. http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/national-deal/e-careers/4257343

Is there any other good courses I could do online or would you sugges any of the above?

Thanks in advance.