I am interested in setting up and running my own website, however I have never set up or run a website before. I purchased the ElevatedX CMS hosting, and ProxyPass, thinking I would be able to connect the dots and teach myself how to set up Apache, but I don't know what my next steps are and I am left totally lost on my own. I do not know how to run or set up my website after I've paid for hosting and CMS. I'd really like to know what I need to expect to do on my end to allow all of this to be set up. I just hope by knowing this info, I can figure out what I can or can not do, before I put more into investing onto a site. I'm afraid it'll never launch. I have a lot of the tools but no knowledge to put it all together. Do I need to hire a programmer or webmaster? Or can I set it all up and run it after I figure it out? My preferred route is to learn what I need to do and self teach myself. I know that a step to step guideline may be unrealistic, I just want some general guidance on what needs to be done next because I feel very lost. I apologize in advance, as I know most of you probably find my questions to be very silly and also, thank you so much for your patience and time. Any help would be deeply appreciated.