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Thread: dreamweaver video help :(

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    dreamweaver video help :(

    hi everyone

    i am making a website for a friend of mine of mine who is a film maker
    and he gave me a link to a private video. i couldn't embed this video like the others i have done because its private so i downloaded and added it to the website. but now every time i load the webpage the video starts

    how do i go about making it so the user has to click on the video to play it
    instead of having it autoplay?

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    Hi i want to insert a flash video into a html dreamweaver page. I did it with insert flash video and it shows up when i test it but when i upload the files to the web it doesnt work? help?

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    May be missing files or bad pathing.
    Post a link to the actual online page.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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