Hello everybody!!

I'm a newbie here but absolutely loving this forum. I've spent a little time scanning and reading posts tonight. I'm new to this forum but not web design/development. I've been at it for about 3 years now but up until recently have only dealt with static sites with no dynamic content.

So now I've encountered an issue I need help with. I have a client who is expanding her web presence and her web site pretty drastically. She has incorporated Infusionsoft into her online marketing and we are now using a couple of Infusionsoft forms on her site.

Here's what we need to do. She wants to add a page to her site with "Ezine" posts that she is already sending out to clients and prospective clients via emails. She would like her clients and prospective clients to also be able to go to her website and read these Ezines. But she wants to be able to capture their contact information before allowing them access to the Ezine page. We've set up a simple form in Infusionsoft to capture the contact information when they click on the Ezine link on the website. Once they submit the form to Infusionsoft they will be immediately redirected back to her website and straight to the Ezine page.

Pretty straightforward so far .. except .. we need a way for these clients, once they've submitted the contact info one time, to be able to return straight to the Ezine page in the future without having to go through the Infusionsoft form again. In other words, when they return to the website later and click on the Ezine link it will go straight to the Ezine page instead of through Infusionsoft.

I don't know how to best do this. My first thought was to have the site drop a cookie on their computer the first time they are redirected from Infusionsoft to the Ezine page?? So that when they return and click the link they will bypass Infusionsoft and go straight to the Ezine page. But that may not be the best way to go about it. I'm new to dynamic sites and am really at a lost how to proceed from here.

I do have a little experience with Javascript and JQuery but no real experience with cookies, databases, etc. I'm that green as far as anything that involves dynamic user content. Ugh ..

Any help, advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Even if simply directing me to another URL or a tutorial, youtube video, etc.

Thanks and I look forward to being a part of the community!!