we have a task tracker page (classic ASP) which is being used by associtates to track task durations. we need the page to be active throughout the day. associates use the page between intervals of 30 mins to few hours...

the server session timeout in IIS is 20 mins and i added the below meta tag in the page which refreshes the page in 15 mins:
[[[[<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="900">]]]]

also on every refresh i am checking the authentication checks and resetting the key session variables again to the previous values

i have a default session timeout and authentication check on every page which redirects the user back to the login page.
something like this:

if Session("NETWORK_ID")="" or Session("NETWORK_ID")="0" or not Authenticated() then
Response.Redirect("clear.asp") 'this page abandons sessions and returns to login

end if

Inspite of these many associates are losing their session and are getting logged off to the login page. what do i do so that the users don't lose their sessions???