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Thread: postback refreshing in whole window, not div

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    postback refreshing in whole window, not div


    I have a website at http://www.shahspace.com/nuts_and_bolts/home.html.

    If you click on the "contact" link, you be taken to a form that you can fill out. You can go ahead fill it out and click submit. An email will be sent to me.

    What I'd like you to notice is that when you click submit, the entire window gets taken over by the page in the div below the menu. This must have something to do with the way postback works on aspx pages.

    You should note that the way I linking the aspx page into the bottom div (Where the form shows up) is through some jquery. I have this on home.html:

    	<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7/jquery.min.js">
    	<script type="text/javascript">
    		function loadContent(elementSelector, sourceURL)
    		<div id="contact" class="menu"
    		onmouseover="italicize('contact'); return false;"
    		onmouseout="unitalicize('contact'); return false;">
    			<a href="javascript:loadContent('#content', 'contact.aspx');">
    So when you click the "contact" link, the loadContent javascript function gets called, which loads contact.aspx into the "content" div.

    How can I program it so that the refresh of contact.aspx at postback does not take over the entire browser window and instead stays confined to the div it was originally in?

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    This is not an ASP question, its all about understanding HTML. You basically have 2 options here. You can either load in contact.aspx into an iframe in the bottom div or instead of doing a standard form post in the contact.aspx page, you can do an AJAX call to the server with the form data.

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    Be repeating that will be updated when the record is released through Rad Window, which in turn causes a post back On Client Close against hidden link button: refresh Page is the job I've allocated On Client Close, not called to get a correct argument passes for refresh Branding Options ...

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