Hello all,

Sorry about my novice question. I have done a ton of searching and have not found an answer to my question...

I would like to have a simple web page with a text input box and some check boxes (eventually I would like to be able to add a date range). The information would then be out into a web address string (i.e. http://<static address already given>/<text from text input box>/<eventual date range drop down>/<Check Box A information>/<Check Box B information>/<Check Box B information>/<Check Box B information>.htm .

The check boxes would be in plain English on the form/page, but, if selected, would be put into the address in the needed format (they would be static and matched to their respective check box(es). The associated web page address that is created would either come up in a frame, or another window (preferred).

Sorry about the novice related question in advance. If someone could point me in a direction of solving this myself, I would happily learn to fish for future food. Any suggestions on solving this or an application that will help would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,