Hi there.

Ive been very stuck with this over the last few days and as you will see there is probably a very simple solution but i simply cant figure it out. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ok, I have your typical Wordpress website setup running with a few pages and a static homepage. The point of the website is to sell custom built computers (Gaming computers) within the UK. Obviously to do this, i need to set up an eCommerce system. The eCommerce "system" must offer the option for the visitor to personalise their computer by choosing e.g. the processor and amount of RAM required as well as many other items. This is where the problem begins.

I have found a few plugins where this has been easy, although there is one common problem with each plugin I have tried. I can not find a way in which the visitor can select and customise the computer of there choosing with a total price to be automatically calculated. Why cant i just set the price of each component and when the components are selected, the prices are added together.

All i need is to be able to price each component individually and for the total to be displayed at the bottom next to the "Add to Card" button once all the options have been selected from several drop down lists.

Any help would be so greatfully appreciated as I have spent so many hours trying to figure this out.

I think my only option would be to do this in HTML. My knowledge of HTML is very basic so I am hoping someone could please provide me with some assistance. It would be so very much appreciated.

Thanks again,