Hi I am new at this forum, and I am having many issues with my script, which is an open source prestashop 1.5 shopping cart. I have been trying for weeks to get the PayPal module to work so I can take payments, which has become a depressive and frustrating issue. I do not see no error codes and other than a redirect back to my site that says there was an error, but no info on that error; instead of redirecting the customer to PayPal to make their payment. I am an adept web designer, but the Prestashop system is quite extensive and complex for only been working with it for about 3 weeks and have only a small amount of time to get antiquated with its system. If anyone could or would help me figure our why this PayPal module is not working it would greatly appreciated. I want to hire someone to help with it until I can afford the training for Prestashop and their support, a whopping $600 per year for the smallest support package. So, I am sitting here drinking my good ol' coffee hoping to find someone to help me as I am at my wits end.