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Thread: Flash BROKEN when URL has no *.htm document

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    Flash BROKEN when URL has no *.htm document

    Hi All:

    Got a problem somewhat related to my last post here...


    ...but seems the root cause was something different, and we didn't actually need to change the JavaScript for loading the Flash animation after all.

    The BEGINNING problem for this was that my boss noticed the small page-curl Flash animation that loads in the upper right corner of the index page of our website was showing an "X" icon for broken graphic, but only with some versions of Internet Explorer (Chrome, FireFox, etc is fine).

    Turns out the problem is ONLY happening when the URL for the page is loaded without explicitly including the index.htm document. When the *.htm file (any name) IS included, everything works fine.

    You can check it for yourself by loading first:


    ...and then trying instead:




    First URL fails, broken Flash graphic, but either of second two URLS works okay.

    Anyone have any idea what's going on here, or how to fix it?

    Again, everything's fine in non-IE browsers (FF, Chrome etc) but only SOME versions of IE (I've tested 6, 7 myself but I think 8 and maybe 9 too?) are showing the problem.

    Thanks for all ideas...


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    I disagree with the premise that the file extension (such as .htm) has anything to do with the problem.
    First off, there is no logical way that the use or lack of use of a file extension would affect the execution of Flash on the page.... it just doen't make sense.
    Second, unless you have already fixed whatever the issue was/is.... the first link you posted (without the file extension) displays the page peel just fine in FF, Chrome, and Safari. I see no problem at all. The only problem I see is in IE... same problem with all the links you posted. The page peel does not display in IE.
    The most common issue when Flash "displays in all browsers except IE" is the use of an IE conditional statement somewhere. In other words... if IE do this, if not IE do that.
    Notice the very first line in "flashver.js" and the special code for the IE ActiveX....
    var isIE=(navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE").......
    Right off, doing something special with IE.
    {try{axo=new ActiveXObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.3");version="WIN 3,0,18,0";}catch(e){}}
    If the Flash version is Flash 3, try this, if Flash version 2 try this....
    Do you know how long it's been since Flash version 2 and 3 have been used???? Ancient history.... as is the use of AC_FL_RunContent.
    You might be able to fix this...but perhaps a newer version of a page peel would be a better option.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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    Sep 2012
    Hi Eye, thanks very much for the reply.

    Unfortunately I'm only a mere 'designer' and really don't grok much when it comes to actual code, JavaScript or otherwise... so actually editing this to fix it is really beyond my ability.

    We're already using a newer pagepeel in the process of trying to fix this. I've looked around a bit and what we have is already the best I can find, for what we need, unfortunately. If anyone has a better one to recommend I'd appreciate any pointers.

    RE: the flashver.js file, it's originally from Adobe so I figured it was okay. But yeah maybe it's just old now. So how would I integrate a different Flash version-checker into this existing JavaScript? Or is that what you meant by "you might be able to fix this"...? *I* can't fix it, myself, but maybe *someone* could...?


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    Hi again Eye:

    I read what you wrote again... and wanted to point out something I missed in last reply.

    You said:

    >>> The only problem I see is in IE... same problem with all the links you
    >>> posted. The page peel does not display in IE.

    ...and actually I still think the missing *.HTM document is somehow related to this problem.

    Not sure which version of IE you tested my links above with (probably just the most current?) but in OLDER versions of IE, *not* "all the links" I posted above are NOT displaying in IE. The ones with fully formed URL including the HTM doc are working okay in old versions of IE (I tested with 6 to start, but then 7, 8 on Vista etc also... there the links WITH the HTM included actually DO work fine!

    So, still... you're right it might just be a Flash version thing BUT for whatever reason the absence or presence of the HTM filename in the URL *is* making a difference on *SOME* version of stupid Internet Explorer (for whatever reason? I have no idea...)

    Anyway, thanks again in advance for your posts... and to anyone else reading this too who has any idea WTF is going on here...


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    Here's a screenshot of what I'm getting with IE6, with the URL not having the *.htm, for example...

    File Attached: ie6.jpg

    ...and again, WITH the *.htm on this SAME browser/setup, the page peel works *fine*.



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    Well from my testing I still see no difference in display between the links with or without file extensions. But here is what I do see.
    In IE 8... NO page peel displays on ANY of the links... it makes no difference whether or not there is a file extension.
    In IE 9 ... page peel displays on ALL of the links... again, it makes no difference whether or not there is a file extension.
    The only conclusion I can reach is that using or not using a file extension in the link has NO effect on the page peel display.
    But the page peel does work just fine in IE 9 while it doesn't display at all in IE 8.
    I really don't know why this is happening.. but am still suspicious of IE conditional statements in the .js. It's very old code, using AC_Run that has been replaced a few years ago.
    Finding a newer version of the page peel may still be easier than trying to fix this one.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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