Hi All:

Got a problem somewhat related to my last post here...


...but seems the root cause was something different, and we didn't actually need to change the JavaScript for loading the Flash animation after all.

The BEGINNING problem for this was that my boss noticed the small page-curl Flash animation that loads in the upper right corner of the index page of our website was showing an "X" icon for broken graphic, but only with some versions of Internet Explorer (Chrome, FireFox, etc is fine).

Turns out the problem is ONLY happening when the URL for the page is loaded without explicitly including the index.htm document. When the *.htm file (any name) IS included, everything works fine.

You can check it for yourself by loading first:


...and then trying instead:




First URL fails, broken Flash graphic, but either of second two URLS works okay.

Anyone have any idea what's going on here, or how to fix it?

Again, everything's fine in non-IE browsers (FF, Chrome etc) but only SOME versions of IE (I've tested 6, 7 myself but I think 8 and maybe 9 too?) are showing the problem.

Thanks for all ideas...