I'm not sure where this should go, as I don't know any acceptable methods to do what I want. Please move this thread if necessary...

Basically, I have an HTML form that users enter data and then submit to a Perl script for processing. This is a large form and the users dislike having to renenter the repetative bits if there is a way to avoid it.

I would like the user to be able to fill in the form. Once filled in they would click a "Save Form" button a small file would be offered for download. The file would contain the data contained on the form.

At a later time, they could open the form, click a "Load Form" button and read that file back and automatically populate the form.

Is what I want to do possible? This seems like a popular option for larger forms, or forms that will be completed often with similar data.

Currently, I have JavaScript serializing the data on the form when the user clicks the "Save Form" button, but can't find a way to present the data as a download.

Also, using an '<input type="file">' tag, the user can browse for their file, but all I get returned is the path to the file, but no way to get the content of that file.