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    Hi all,
    I have a javascript function named "navigate" where i am using var descframe = window.parent.Right_FolderDocList ;

    if ( CopyLinkFlg != "")
    Qtstr = "../Forms/FormListForCopy .asp?" + GetCommonQstr + "&FolderId=" + srcname + "&Perm=" + perm + "&PopupAction=" + lFormAction + "&lVersionNo=" + lItemEx + "&byFormType=" + byFormType + "&lFrmUserId=" + lFrmUserId + "&byTemplateFlg=" + byTemplateFlg + "&ItmID=" + lDocID + "&SPrjID=" + lSPrjID + "&Flg=" + lFlg + "&lFolderPerm=" + lFolderPerm +"&CopyLinkFlg=" + CopyLinkFlg + "&FormGUID=" + lFromGUID + "&Multiple=" + lMultiple;

    Qtstr+="&DV="+ DV ;
    byTemplateFlg = '';
    descframe.location.href = Qtstr;

    it is working fine in all the IE browser less than 10(version) but in IE 10 its showing error "location is undefined" and the location object is not there in the dom structure can any one please help me out what i have to use instead of location to navigate.

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    Try descframe.src = Qtstr;
    The window.location represent the url of the document currently displayed in your web browser. In other words, it's the URL you see in your web browser's address box. For iframes and frames, use the "src" attribute of the target frame instead.

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    Thank you very much for replying the thread.
    but the problem is when the control is comming to descframe.location.href or descframe.src its showing throwing error stating that descframe is undefined.I already tryed with ur seggestion.One more thing i debugged in ie 8 to know that how many frames are there its showing 2 but in ie 10 its showing 1.actually it should be 2 one frame is left side which contains folder structure only and another one is right side which will display the form in that frame based upon the folder chossen in left side frame. My problem is the right side folder is not loading..

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