About six years ago I built a pair of websites using oscommerce. They are not horrible sites. Last year both of them were hacked. At least 98% of what I learned to build them have been forgotten so I cannot fix them.

One site I'm just going to get rid of - we don't need it anymore. The other site I want to simply delete and start over. It will not be for selling so I don't need oscommerce.

We need a site that will showcase my wife's jewelry. It must be highly searchable. She makes high end handmade jewelry with only natural materials (think diamonds and pearls at art shows, as opposed to hematite and crystals at craft shows). The way I explain the not-yet-built site to her customers is that they'll be able to use to help design custom jewelry (my wife's main business). Someone could search for color or material or size or shape, and hopefully any combination. I'm thinking it might have a check box list similar to the way ebay shows results from a search. This would be infinitely better than a boolean search, though I'd still want that capability,

There are three initial questions in my head...

One: does the type site I'm explaining have a name or classification or style? If I knew what to call it, that would greatly help me with forum and google searches.

two: is there one software that is better than others to build this type of site with or am I going from scratch again.

three: is what I want better/worse/indifferent with css or html, or is there something better and newer that I don't know about?

Thanks for any guidance!