Iím torn between what I should do. I recently learned how to make basic web pages. My knowledge isnít too advanced. I made just a basic webpage, with a comment section and email with basic PHP/SQL, I made a game with JavaScript, and the rest is just HTML with pictures and things I wrote.

But, Iím torn between what I want to do as a career (and this is because I really donít have knowledge of how the computer field work). There seems to be many jobs in web development itself and it seems like the more wise thing to do is simply concentrate on bettering my web development skills instead of concentrating on making games.

But, it seems like my preference is to make webgames. I find myself to be very very creative in making the webgames using JavaScript (and I enjoy learning Java too). And I have so many ideas that I want to put forth in making web games and just prefer to keep the basic knowledge of making web pages that I have now, because apart from what I already know how to do and apart from the website I already made, I donít see much more reason for me to concentrate so much on web development per se, but would rather concentrate on JavaScript and Java for making games. But, I just want to know is that a good idea? Iíll eventually have to get another job soon. So thus, I want to know what are some thoughts and advice on this. And again, I donít know much about the computer field. I taught myself everything. My degree was actually in education. So, what is the best thing to do in this situation? Thanks!