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Thread: Problem showiing icons properly in table - in Firefox and Chrome (In IE 8 it is ok)

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    Problem showiing icons properly in table - in Firefox and Chrome (In IE 8 it is ok)

    Can anyone help?

    I have struggled getting icons placed properly in a table and finally succeded. But, as it appears, it only looks decent in IE 8.

    In Firefox and Chrome two of the little icons ('Bilforsikring' and 'Bådforsikring')jump up pushing aside the link, in stead of staying above the icons.
    Furthermore the font of the links above the big icons only look right in 2 of the 6 cases; in 'Familieforsikring' and 'Rejseforsikring'. The other four need to be fixed.

    I have trouble seeing whats wrong and get it right - can anyone help fixing the code so it looks good in Firefox and Chrome too?

    Thanks a million!! I would really appreciate it!

    The link to the site is: http://www.if.dk/web/dk/Privat/Forsi...ikringer-.aspx

    Best regards

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    use <div> insted of <span> for the text purpose example is here...

    <div style="font-size:0.9em" class="ifcontentstyleStyle-PIfText"><font size="2" face="Verdana" color="#66a7ca"><a href="/web/dk/Privat/Forsikringer/Born/Pages/Oversigt.aspx">Bilforsikring</a></font></div>

    i am here if any query....

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    Dear jadhav.soma,

    Sorry for my late response! (havent been able to log on to this forum from my work).

    And thank you very much for your help! Bbut I am afraid I cant work out which spans I should replace with divs?
    I have problems separating the strings of code and am not sure where one string of code beginds and where another ends.

    I would really appreciate it if you could maybe show precisely where in the code I need to do the changes. Sorry if it is too much to ask, I perfectly understand! All that messy code in one big pile just makes me feel very helpless...

    Best regards

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