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Thread: Difference between MySQL in XAMPP and just Mysql..

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    Difference between MySQL in XAMPP and just Mysql..

    Hey Guys,

    Newbie here (to both the forum and the PHP language).

    I'm currently learning PHP and I'm using the XAMPP server for my localhost. Anyway, I'm now at the stage of learning about working with MySQL databases. I'm just a little confused, what is the difference between the MySQL that came with XAMPP and just MySQL (the one you can download from mysql.com)? I want to access MySQL from a command line client but haven't got one, and Google results say you can only install a client if you download MySQL from mysql.com? But then won't I have two installations of MySQL (one from XAMPP and one from mysql.com), is that even possible, and if so, what installation of MySQL will be used for my localhost? So confused..

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    I'm no expert with XAMPP or MySQL, but you should still be able to use MySQL from command line when running it from XAMPP. As far as your topic question goes, there is no difference between the two. XAMPP just takes the actual packages from other server services (Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc.) and packages them together in a preconfigured server, whereas you normally would download those things and manually install and configure them. But they are still the same product from the original developers/location.

    As far as I know you merely need to open up a console/command window and navigate to your mysql folder where you have XAMPP running. There should be a 'bin' folder inside, which you will then navigate to and lastly you simply run
    mysql.exe --user=root --password=
    Then you enter your password and you will be logged into MySQL via command line, where you can run your standard queries and such.
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    ok got it, thanks.

    My XAMPP installation of MySQL is enough right, I don't need to download another one from mysql.com?

    I managed to log in to MySQL from the command line, thanks again.

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    The XAMPP installation of MySQL is, in fact, taken from mysql.com. The only reason you might want to pull something from mysql.com would be if you need to use a specific version number that is not available as a XAMPP install. The same for Apache or PHP: XAMPP just takes install files from their respective sites, and bundles them up with some support scripts for automating the installation.
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    Thank you both for clarifying my confusion.

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