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Thread: How to load files onto mobile device for an app ?

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    How to load files onto mobile device for an app ?

    We have been tasked with building web applications using javascript/css/html. We are supposed to have our code run as an app, that is to be accessible/functioning when there is no internet.

    I am able to create a dhtml site that will use html5 manifest db to store data locally, and can run off-line. But, i don't know how to transfer this app to a mobile device so that the device can use it's browser to access and run my files.

    Can someone tell me how to have my javascript/html/css file structure be deployed to a mobile app and accessible to a browser there through a link ? I would prefer to have an image that when clicked would open my local files in the browser.

    Thanks much, I have been looking through tons of info, but non have gotten me to being able to locally load files onto the mobile device....

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    You're going to have to load it into a cordova container and release it as an app ont he app store.. (for iphone) or load page using data url.. so it doesnt query the server, just loads the javascript files, and thats what queries the site for updates.

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    Try to get help from backbone.js. But it will take some time.
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