Hi everyone,

I am new (Amrita here ) to this forum so, please, excuse me if I am posting this under the wrong category.

I am writing an HTML5 page and I have code something like this -

<div style="height:75px;width:80%">
		<a href="http://www.somesite.com/" title="" >
			<img src="images/skiptosite.png" class="skiptosite" alt="Logo" /> </a>
		<p id="fade_link"></p></div>
The <p> has a jQuery script running on it wherein there is some fading animation done. The issue is with getting the <p> text aligned beside the img before it.

When I use "float:left", there is a mysterious extra space showing above the div component and since needs to line up right at the top of the page and the background is black, this white space looks annoying.

I have already tried display:block, inline-block, no margin, no padding and what not and I got no-where... I need a new set of eyes.. PLZ help !!