Ok, I want to start by saying that this website has just been just released in BETA. Any review or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The website is called Versulo and it is a side-by-side comparison website. I hope this will get to be something big, as this is something new on the market.

Here are some guides to help you reviewing the website:
  1. What is your first impression when landing on the homepage? (design)
  2. Are the pages loading fast enough?
  3. Is there anything specific that bothers you, or makes the user-experience less pleasent?

If you have the time here are a few quick tasks you can do to test the website
  • Login (create an account). This should be easy as you can do this with only 3 clicks.
  • Vote for a topic in a comparison
  • Post a comment in a comparison (you can also edit it after it is added)
  • Search for a comparison about cars. What do you think about the drag-race animation?
  • Create a new comparison. (You first have to create each of the topics individually)

You don't have to do all the above, any feedback is wellcomed!

Thank you guys!