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Thread: How to mask unwanted words in the site?

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    How to mask unwanted words in the site?

    I know a little bit of JS Codding but I have no idea how to mask words or numbers for selected site? For ex. www.examplecode.exm
    Containing words: sh*t or pe*. I don't want see those words. How can I make .js file which changes those words into for ex. Flower and water? Or 100 into 50? They won't change sites content but only my clientside browser's perception to those words!

    I just need some ideas and suggestions? :thumbsup:

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    text="it Works ";

    var emoticons = {
    ':-)' : 'smile1.gif',
    '' : 'smile2.gif',
    '' : 'smile3.gif',
    ':-|' : 'smile4.gif'

    for ( smile in emoticons )
    text = text.replace(smile, '<img src="smilies/' + emoticons[smile] + '" />');

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