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Thread: Refreshing javascript code

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    Question Refreshing javascript code

    Hey! I just registered here and this looks useful & fun forum!
    I was thinking to ask you some advice to one problem.
    I've tried explain as much as I can but if something is missing comment!

    So I'm coding plugin for a website with javascript.
    Websites has good APIS to work around example: to check if somebody joins to room, send automatic message to chat etc..

    Plugin is chatbot which sends automatic messages when needed and I can check if certain word (command) is typed to chat and then run function update().
    Function update() for now uses:
    var url = "this is scripts url";
    	// Send message: 'Chatbot is updated'...
    and I want it to replace the old code what has been runned and get updated script from url!
    Is that right way to do it? Any suggestions how to do it ?

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    Is here anyone? Little help is needed now, thanks!

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    No answers for long time, so gonna BUMP IT!

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