Hi all,

I've no idea if I've put this in the right place or even if anyone can help.

I've made a fillable PDF form and we would like to put it on our website.

At the moment, best I can do is have a Save button on it, but it means that people would have to fill it in, save it, then attach it to an email to return.

Putting a submit button on the form isn't really doing much - even doing mailto: just gives the exact same scenario.

Ideally, we would like people to fill the form in and then just click Submit and the completed form will wing it's way to us (I've seen forms on some government websites like this).

I can't work out how to do it though - I've been told that to do that, the form needs to be submitted directly to a web server - as opposed to to trying to send it via email.

Does anyone know what I need to do? Be gentle with me though - I'm clueless!!