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Thread: How to get the current row clicked in javascript

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    How to get the current row clicked in javascript

    Hi ,

    I have a html table with some rows. Each row has a 'remove row' button in the end as <td>.
    Now I want that corresponding row to be deleted if the 'remove row' button is clicked.
    Let us consider the table name is "mytable"

    The code is like :

    <td> <input type = 'button' value = 'remove row' onclick = remRow() name = remove_i > </td>
    function remRow()
    Right now, I passed hard-coded value '3' to deleteRow in order to delete the third row. But how can I dynamically get the row number as and when a row is clicked and delete it.

    Please help. Thanks.

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    At first change your td tag with a onclick = remRow(this)
    Then change your function like this
    function remRow(t){var cl=t.parentNode;
    	alert(cl+' : '+cl.nodeName)
    Finally see this page HTML DOM Table Object to walk through the DOM tree...

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