Hi, I am trying to pass the interface of a revealing module to another module by passing this to its constructor. I cannot figure out what to pass into the constructor of the presenter module.
Here is the code:

//This is like an MVP Presenter which should be created from the view and constructed with the view interface as parameter
var AuthorCreatePresenter = function(viewinterface) {

    var view = viewinterface;

    console.log(view.test);//This should print 'testing interface of AuthorCreateView' but viewinterface.test is undefined

    function testfunc() {
    return {
        testfunc: testfunc


//This is like a MVP View, where the public section is the View Interface
var AuthorCreate = function() {

    //== Private variables ==
    var self = this;
    var presenter = new AuthorCreatePresenter(self);//I want the presenter to be able to call the public interface like 'view.test' but when running this view.test is undefined
    presenter.testfunc();//This works fine

    //== Private functions ==

    //== Public interface ==
    return {
        test: "testing interface of AuthorCreateView"
} ();