Hi guys,

I have a div and in that div, I have a drop shadow border using 3 separate div's - a top, a bottom, and a middle that repeats.
I have these 3 div's set up with background images of the drop shadow. (I know there are CSS methods of doing drop shadow, but it doesn't work in IE8, hence why I did it using background imgs)
Anyway, so there is a Content Management System I am using at work, and it has a top section and a middle section. The middle section is where I have my div with the drop shadow.
The top section has separate content in it. When loading in my html and css in the CMS, the background imgs that make up my drop shadow border are expanding out to the whole page (so the drop shadow is showing in the top section of my page as well even though it's only supposed to be around that one section.
Is there a way I can make this drop shadow fixed to stay around the middle content and not expand to the top??

Hopefully I am explaining this well.
Any help would be great, thanks.