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    Live Feed

    Hi, i want to add a live feed to the home page of my website, that captures the following activities for all people who use my site:

    - $username has just joined
    - $username has just updated their email address
    - $username has just changed their photo
    - etc...

    How should i go about capturing all of these? I have created a spreadsheet listing all of the activities that i want to capture... so should i just add an activity to a live-feed table in the database, each time one of these activites occure

    - id
    - timestamp
    - activity_desc

    Do you think this is the best way to set up / run the live feed, thanks in advance

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    your strategy sounds resonable...You will also need to add a userID field to know which user performed the action.

    You could also expand on your activity table to get more granular:


    then values would be inserted: ('HamHock','0000-00-00 xx:xx:xx','update','profile_pic')

    The reason ID is different from UserID is incase you wanted to show multiple profile updates within a time frame, rather than just showing the last update from the user...this would allow you to say "HamHock updated their pic and email address..."
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