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Thread: mktime() throwing errors - use time() instead

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    mktime() throwing errors - use time() instead

    I was using codes below to display months and years in a form but with a PHP upgrade it's throwing E_STRICT notice: errors saying I should use the time() function instead. How can I modify these code and still get what these were providing?

    PHP Code:
    for($m 1;$m <= 12$m++)
    $month date("F"mktime(000$m1));
    "<option value='$m'>$month</option>";

    for (
    $x=(date('Y'mktime())); $x >= 1960$x--)
    "<option value='$x'>$x</option>";


    Alan P

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    mktime() only thows that warning when used with no arguments. In that case, just remove the "mk". However, in your case, there's no reason to even be calling either one here:
    PHP Code:
    for ($x=(date('Y'mktime())); $x >= 1960$x--) 
    The default time for date() is the current time, which is what [mk]time() with no arguments will return, so you can just do:
    PHP Code:
    for ($x=(date('Y'); $x >= 1960$x--) 
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