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Thread: csv reading

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    csv reading

    Hello Colleagues

    I have a csv file in the same folder/directory as my html page. Is there a simple way using javascript the csv file can be converted to a javascript array ? I found a work around for this by converting the csv file to a javascript file however this is a bit clunky.

    Rory Barrett

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    See the source of this demo

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    I had a look at the source but on my computer it just appeared as a series of steps. There was no demo. Nothing happened. There was a link which led to a page with some functions. One of them looks promising.
    // Quick usage with AJAX:
    jQuery.get(csvfile, function(data) { array = jQuery.csv()(data); });

    Where can I download this ?

    How exactly would it be used to put a file 'myCSV.csv' into a javascript array 'myArray'.

    Sorry to ask such basic questions.

    Rory Barrett

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