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Thread: Persistent text area

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    Persistent text area

    Hello Colleagues

    I am keen to create a text area on a webpage which users can write on. What they wrote would stay there after they left the page and closed it down. When the page was reopened, possibly by someone else, the earlier writing would still be there. Is it possible to do this by javascript or is it necessary to use a server side language such as php or asp ?

    Rory Barrett

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    browser javascript works on only one computer. you can easily save text on a single users computer between visits. if this is something that needs sharing, only a server will do for now.
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    Thanks for this.

    What are these?

    libs: mini (updated) ASPminimyIO (new)dndtmpl8
    apps: snippets blogphotos cryptoimage editor
    crapplets: json browse json view compressortimegrads

    Rory Barrett

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