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    Question DOS/Batch File 2

    Hello my trusty WebDeveloper family!

    I have yet another Batch file scenario to present to ya if someone would be kind enough to assist me.

    The following is only an extraction of a larger, master bat file (it's also a dummy mock-up so excuse the crazy "echo"'s):

    @echo off
    title Server WMIC
    set "storee=c1000"
    set "test1="
    rem wmic /node:%store1% csproduct get Vendor,Name,IdentifyingNumber /format:list
    for /f "tokens=1,2,3" %%A in ('wmic /node:C1000 csproduct get IdentifyingNumber /format:list ^| find="="') do set test1=%%A %%B
    rem pause >nul 2>nul
    ping -n 10 >nul 2>nul
    echo.Closing application. . .
    ping -n 10>nul
    I know those more skilled than I already know what the above does but I like to describe it anyway lol.

    It populates the IdentifyingNumber from a server named "C1000". I will reciprocate the same thing to "vendor" and "name" from WMIC if this works but IdentifyingNumber is most imperative.
    I would like to convert the returned string name "IdentifyingNumber" into the string name "SerialNumber" (or "Serial#" if the hash/pound symbol is allowed).

    However, I cannot seem to come up with the code to do such. I tried in a different test batch file to do an "if exists" clause but i cannot separate the "text=text" from the string even if i do several %%A %%B %%C (because "identifyingnumber=123456" is all one string).

    Since my IF statements aren't that great I yet know if you can do wildcards in a statement like "If test1 =="*" (set test2=SerialNumber)..." I've tried If "test1=", if "test1 like blah" but apparently batch doesn't work like SQL. lol

    I cannot find a good online resource (outside of webdeveloper) that teaches the "==" and other operators else I'd prob have learned a resolve.

    I hope this made sense and if it didn't I will gladly clarify. I am just flat out of ideas on how to achieve this result, if it is even possible. If the desired resolve is not possible I do apologize for the inconvenience.


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