i want to check that if a path to a file is given and we want to check that the file is present there or not in that directory..??

Below is my html snippet in which i am passing my path as argument in javascript function written in html header section..

<li><a onclick="db_mcmm('../report_data_fe_nldm_completeness/DB_existence_PVT_report.html');"><h3><u>DB NLDM MCMM</u></h3></a></li>
Javascript function written in header section is as follows :

<script ="text/javascript">
   function db_mcmm(value) {
     var mcmm_file=document.getElementById('content');
     mcmm_file.innerHTML= "<iframe src=" + value + " width=\"79%\" height=\"600px\"></iframe>";
Is it possible to check if the file is present in that specified path directory...