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Thread: Newbie::PHP Framework

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    Newbie::PHP Framework

    Hi , I have been using php to design and/or redesign web pages for local companies. Although I have used php for web development work for a long time I consider my self to be a newbie as I do not have a grasp of everything underlying. I am seeking to learn a basi framework in php so that I may broaden my horizon.

    I have looked into phpcake, zend and a lot of other ones out there, but I am having some difficulty on where I should start and which one I should pick.

    I do not want to start a cult war or strick following so please guys put the hate on different framework behind.

    Thank you all in advance

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    I found CodeIgniter to be one of the easier PHP MVC frameworks to learn, due to it having some pretty well written and organized documentation. Of course, it might also have been the cumulative effect of looking at a couple others before that one, so I was starting to learn some concepts via osmosis.

    Any of them require a decent understanding of PHP object-oriented coding. If you still feel n00b-ish in that area, I found Matt Zandstra's PHP 5 Objects, Patterns, and Practice as providing me a much better understanding of the concepts and the practical issues.
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    I'm learning how to use laravel.
    Its powerful, simple and easy to use.

    Remember one thing, dont go after which one someone else prefers. Go for something which you find is simple to learn and use.
    And remember, different frameworks are good for different purposes.

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    A framework is simply an instrument to attain a reason. For you, to get it together on the dialect attempt proceeding with Ci.
    The things you will study - the ideas - will decipher to different frameworks,regardless of the fact that their usage is somewhat different.
    I directly favour Yii, yet I have dug up symfony, zend and Ci and also not many others previously. One is not superior to the next for most applications; investigate differnt things, see what you like and go with the flow.

    Hope this helps.
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