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Thread: Fit my website to any browser & resolution

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    Fit my website to any browser & resolution

    Hello there,
    I've been builidng a website for some time now (ignore the fact that's it's in hebrew), and I've followed all the conventions of the html5 and css (at least according to the validator). Furthermore, I've taken a ready template for my website exactly in order to prevent myself these kind of issues:
    My website is not shown properly in some of the screen resolutions + in mobile browsers.

    The website should be spread on all of the screen and it doesn't, the position of the "search" button (the orange one in the bottom of the homepage) is different in each resolution.
    How can I fix it?

    Here's the link: www.mypresent.co.il
    Thanks in advance

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    It seems as though you have fixed div instead of having it fluid. You have restricted your content within a confined space that is why it will not move freely to different browser resolutions. Trying adding percentages instead of fixed dimensions and see if that solves the problem

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    Hi and thanks for the reply,

    Can you give me an example of such action, please?

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    Here's one article with examples that might be of help. It's called fluid design. there are also grid systems that you can search information for


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    Hello there again,
    Thanks for all the help attemps but I really got mixed up with it and it is really frusrating...
    Can someone please help me with the fixing of the website? I'll be glad if someone please PM me and tell me what he need in order to help me...
    If this kind of help must be with payment, I won't have a problem with it, either...

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