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Thread: perl regex string match issue..kindly help

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    perl regex string match issue..kindly help

    i have a script in which i need to skip comments, and i am able to achieve it partially...
    IN text file:

    {test : test...test }

    while (<$fh>)

    push ( @data, $_);

    if ( $data[0] =~ m/(^{\*+$)/ ){
    With the above match i am able to identify the comment and skip it to get the next line..
    {test : test...test }
    If the same comment consists of any space or any character in the place of *, my match fails..
    {** ***** or {* abccd or {*abce
    All the above cases are failed to skip ... What might be worng in the match,...can any one help me out..

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    That's what you write in your regexp
    ^: line start
    {: literal "{"
    \*: literal "*"
    +: repetition
    $: end of line
    So if there's anything else than just {******, the match fails.

    Removing the dollar sign from the regexp would do the trick for the examples you gave. But except this is a programming exercise, I'd suggest using an existing syntax with existing, robust parser, instead of re-inventing the wheel.

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