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Thread: What is the use of keywords?

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    What is the use of keywords?

    If you choose only keyword for the development of your website that will be a biggest blunder from your side because the competition level with single keyword is much high and very difficult to achieve. In order to get proper success you need to improve your website by putting relevant content in the website. This is a difficult task to include fresh content every time. In order to get the real improvement you need to choose popular keywords for your website. What is your opinion about these things? You can put your comments in this context.

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    The keyword is reference can current project in the seo work.

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    The "this" keyword is simply a reference to the current object. If, for example, you wanted to add the object you're currently working in to a collection you would want to do something like:

    // Collection c;

    actually,there are 3 uses of 'this' keyword:
    1. to refer to the address of the object under consideration.
    2. to avoid name space collision.
    3. to call a constructor within another constructor.

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    hi there ,the keywords are the words on which can give the rough ideas of you wen page.
    These keywords have their special importance in the seo field ,this is what when you search in search engine in kvarious possible ways,, the people types this keyword and according to whic they got their result in the search engine.

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    There are quite a few different places that they can go on your page. Some choice places for keywords are:

    above your site logo
    in the subheadings
    within the paragraph content
    meta title
    within links (anchor phrases)
    meta keywords
    images (alt tags)

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    The search engines do not have an aspect of their formula that says 3% density = first search positions, or anything of the type. Rather than concentrating on precise percentages, you should worry about organic, regular inclusion of your targeted keywords and terms. This implies that as you organize your material you should keep aim on your keyword terms that they appear sensible to be implemented. You might have a common guide for yourself, such as trying to include the keywords every 100 words, or once per passage or so, but you should not fear about striking a targeted percentage.
    Here are a list of keyword tools that will be of help to viewers more such tools can be had for free at www.webtoolson.com there are a lot more tools on offer covering all aspects of SEO:

    GoogleDuel Original by GoogleDuel
    Keyword Density by SEO Chat
    Keyword Density Analyzer by Stargeek
    Keyword Density Analyzer by Internet Marketing
    Keyword Density Analyzer by seobench.com
    Keyword Grouper by wordstream.com
    Keywrd Density Analyzer by Jim Tools

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    Keyword is very important for any web page as it is all your marketing effort and earning point, thats why keywords are competitive and money is spent in sEO.

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