I am currently working on a site that requires the Classic theme Galleria Image Gallery (found here: http://galleria.io/themes/classic/) to be integrated into a lightbox which is activated by clicking on a single image (not included in the gallery). Galleria does have its own lightbox which is activated upon clicking but I have disabled this as it does not give the required effect. Also, I do not want to imbed the gallery into the web page as this would take up too much space. I would prefer that it launch when a single image is clicked.

I am also not using a standard lightbox as the client requires the gallery to include the mini thumbnails at the bottom of the main image which Galleria offers.

I have spent hours googling this but cannot find a full solution. I am new to javascript and do not know how to integrate the coding to achieve the lightbox effect.

If anyone could assist with this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,