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Thread: What is difference between Seo and PPC

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    What is difference between Seo and PPC

    SEO is cost effective method of finding traffic to your site or blog whereas PPC is an expensive method of finding traffic to your site or blog. It is as simple as that.

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    SEO is the organic process of promoting a website using the guidelines of search engines to be more visible on web world and to get higher ranking in major search engine result pages.
    While PPC is a paid process to get more traffic on a website by paying search engines like Google for each and every click on the link of the website when it is placed on the top of all the results in search engine results.

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    PPC is part of Search engine optimization further can be classified as search engine marketing and later on pay per click. When a website appears in search result on the basis of quality guidelines and appears in search result by satisfying algorithm of a search engine is called organic result. In ppc advertiser pays to website owner for the clicks made on the ads at publisher website.
    1. PPC can be done by two ways, appearing in search result placing website ad at the ad section in search result page.
    2. Putting ads on websites similar you may watch at the top and right hand side here
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