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Thread: Common IE problems

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    Common IE problems

    My page looks fine in Google Chrome and Firefox but not in IE8 and probably not in other versions either.
    Now, I have seen other people complain of the same problems before.
    I would rather not give a link to my page.
    First problem is that I post an image and there are a couple of pixels that separate it from the div underneath, a white thin line shows on the screen, that is.- only in IE.
    Second problem is that the <h2> titles are equal to <h1>, I redefined them in <style> and now they are all equal and
    very big, it looks very spammy.
    Can anybody help me if I give you only this information?
    I am not designing websites or anything, I just feel better this way.

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    The key to creating webpages that perform consistently in all browsers is to use a complete <!DOCTYPE> statement to set the browser to "Standards Compliance Mode". Search on "DOCTYPE switch" and you'll find some good information on choosing a <!DOCTYPE> statement.

    The second step is to understand that even in Standards Compliance Mode, browsers have different default settings for margin, padding, and more. Search on "CSS Reset" and you'll find some good examples of ways to further minimize the differences among browsers. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey
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    1. Use a doctype mentioned by rtrethewey
    2. To fix your image spacing issue, make sure you apply this style
    img {display: block;}
    3. You can set your font size to anything you want on your H1's and H2's. If it looks spammy, why don't you shrink the size?
    h1 {font-size: 18px;}
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