i,m facing a problem with showing images stored into my database according to the following
i,m building a news website which shows news and a pic related to each news
i could make a page by which i can store news and a picture with each one
i made this page wich show these news as a title ans a pic beside to each news title every thing is ok but these pics can,t be shown all i can see is a red X mark in the place of the pic although i clicked right click on the red X and saw that the source of the pic is ok with the ip of the each opic
i,m posting the code i did so any one could tell me what is wrong or missing with it

i did a page is called getimage.php
and here is the code of it

include ("config.php");
// this is to get the id of the required pic
$image= mysql_query ("SELECT photo FROM tourism_news Where id=$id");
$row1 = mysql_fetch_assoc($image);
$myimage= $row1['photo'];

//$type ='content-type:'.$row1['imagetype'];
$type ="content-type:".$row1['imagetype'];
echo "<img src='$myimage' width='100' height='200'>";
//echo $row1['photo'];
echo "$myimage";
//echo <img src=\"$myimage\">;

as for the page which show these pics
the code of that part which shows the picture is as followiing

echo"<img src='getimage.php?id=".$row['id']."' width=200 height=140 />";

i tried alot with this code but it did not work with me as a beginner and this is my first site so i,m waiting for your point of view my dear friends
Thank you