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Thread: Music Voting System

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    Music Voting System

    This is a question of Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority.

    Marking criteria:
    Program design
    Program implementation
    -data structures

    A broadcasting company is organising the Hong Kong Music Awards. The company would like to set up an
    information system to monitor the voting process for the Awards. The information system will be able to

    1: provide a voting system in kiosks located in public places such as convenience stores and railway stations,
    2: display up-to-date voting results from time to time,
    3: allow streaming of music videos on demand,
    4: record votersí comments, and
    5: accommodate various issues arising from the use of ICT.

    You are the IT project manager responsible for the project. You are going to provide solutions for meeting some of
    the above requirements for the broadcasting company.

    I planned to do it by writing html and I have done a few parts.

    still a lot of problems haven't solved:
    can't save and show vote results
    can't save and show opinions
    no identity check
    can't open the webpage of google map at "ContectUs">>>"Address: "
    can't "return numbersonly" at "VoteArea">>>"Voter's age: "
    need to call other website's downcounters.

    You need to extract and put the MVC file at C:
    and open "Main" in the MVC file
    Also, is there any way that can still work without putting the MVC file at C:

    My html knowledge is not enough to finish the work.
    Please, help me make changes on my work with explain please
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    can anyone help me?

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    Quick Look

    I am not an expert, and I selected Elective D. However, I can surely tell you that it is not necessarily put your MVS in C://
    The reason you have to put them in C:// for them to run is that you set a exact path for your file.
    e.g. "file:///C:/MVS/FrontPage.html"
    Actually, you just simply delete "file:///C:/MVS/", then the browser will run the files in your folder.
    I give you a full code for Main.html:
    <title>Hong Kong Music Awards</title>
    <frameset rows="80%, 20%">
    <frame src=FrontPage.html>
    <frame src=FrameBelow.html>

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