I'm not sure if this is the right area of the forum for this question...

I need to set up a membership area of a website. I've found a set of php files in order to do this, and this method works fine. My concern is security. Given that I'm not a programmer I figure it's safest to choose a software package. This site won't be selling anything, therefore no credit card or other sensitive data will be uploaded. It's just a site for members of an artistic guild to join and set up profiles and promote their small businesses. I just don't want any nasty elements scrounging for email addresses, accessing profiles, etc.

I definitely will need a good secure membership system for a different site that will offer items for sale, though payment will be via paypal. Given that paypal has its own security, will security be a major issue on my site?

If anyone has suggestions on crackerjack software, I'd really appreciate it.