Dear JavaScript Users and Developers,

I am new to JavaScript, but have experience in other programming languages. I challenged myself to solve a programming problem that would be useful to me.

There is a web page that I want to extract data from. This should be done in an automated way. Specifically, I want to save and later parse the html markup that an "onclick" link generates. This looks something like this:

HTML Code:
<a class="listContentLink" onclick="auctionResultListForm.auctionResultListAction.value='detail';auctionResultListForm.auctionResultListIndex.value=0;submitForm(auctionResultListForm);" href="#">
The notable thing is that the value in
HTML Code:
gets incremented by 1 for all the links I want to save/parse. So I thought I should be able to execute that "onclick" with varying "values" 0,1,2,... and post-process the resulting html.

Am I completely wrong? Is JavaScript the right tool for this?

I am using the Firebug extension to Firefox. If there is additional information needed, please tell me so.

Thanks in advance and Best Regards,