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Thread: Delete Mulitiple lines from a file

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    Unhappy Delete Mulitiple lines from a file

    Hey Guys,

    How do I delete multiple lines with different values in an array.

    Here is code below I have which works for 1 match in array if I define it but can't get it work with multiple values in an array. Foreach my $username (@remove_users) complains about match when I try wrapping it around foreach my $line (@file_lines). Thanks for your help.

        if (not defined $test_file) {
            #Make sure that the $test_file was passed in too.
            die qq(Name of log file not passed to subroutine "removeUsers"\n);
        # Read file into an array for processing
        open( my $read_fh, "<", $test_file )
           or die qq(Can't open file "$test_file" for reading: $!\n); 
        my @file_lines = <$read_fh>; 
        close( $read_fh ); 
        # Rewrite file with the line removed
        open( my $write_fh, ">", $test_file )
            or die qq(Can't open file "$test_file" for writing: $!\n);
        foreach my $line ( @file_lines ) { 
            print {$write_fh} $line unless ( $line =~ /$user_remove/ ); 
        close( $write_fh ); 
        print( "User successfully removed.<br/>" );
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