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Thread: Dreamweaver CS6 Site Setup for Test Site Server with MAMP and WordPress NIGHTMARE

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    Dreamweaver CS6 Site Setup for Test Site Server with MAMP and WordPress NIGHTMARE

    I have been trying to setup a test site server on Dreamweaver CS6 IDE (which I hate) to try out the Dynamically-realated files theming feature. I have been attempting to do this for hours and looked at more tutorials and blogs than i can remember attempting to setup a test site so that i can simply try out this feature but nothing seems to work.

    On the Site box I have:

    Site Name: test site
    Local Site Folder: users/myname/Sites/wordpress/

    On the Servers I have:

    Server Name: Apache
    Connect using: Local/Network
    Server Folder: users/myname/Sites/wordpress/
    Web URL: http://localhost:80/wordpress/


    Server Model: PHP MySQL

    Yet I am receiving the an Error message: Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server...which makes no sense to me. Can anyone explain what am I doing wrong???

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    Hi Zabi,

    Thank you for suggesting the article which was useful, i discovered the problem was within MAMP, MySQL suddenly stop working properly so to fix the problem i installed MAMP Pro. I must say that i was under the impression that Dreamweaver's CMS theming feature made it easier to theme CMS sites by converting PHP syntax to HTML with live code however the live code is not editable.

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