I have been trying to setup a test site server on Dreamweaver CS6 IDE (which I hate) to try out the Dynamically-realated files theming feature. I have been attempting to do this for hours and looked at more tutorials and blogs than i can remember attempting to setup a test site so that i can simply try out this feature but nothing seems to work.

On the Site box I have:

Site Name: test site
Local Site Folder: users/myname/Sites/wordpress/

On the Servers I have:

Server Name: Apache
Connect using: Local/Network
Server Folder: users/myname/Sites/wordpress/
Web URL: http://localhost:80/wordpress/


Server Model: PHP MySQL

Yet I am receiving the an Error message: Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server...which makes no sense to me. Can anyone explain what am I doing wrong???