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Thread: Image Viewer w/ Interactive Elements, Animation, & Revealed Descriptions

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    Image Viewer w/ Interactive Elements, Animation, & Revealed Descriptions


    I've been tasked with creating a rotating image slider of a product with highlighted sections on each image that correspond to a list of features. What I need to be able to do is click on a feature that triggers an animation to slide to the image that has that feature on it (through "in-between" images of the product), and then have that specific feature glow on the image to show thats what the user selected, and then reveal a description of what they clicked on to the right of the image. I need to be able to click on the spots on the image to reveal the description as well.

    Unfortunately, I just jumped into JavaScript so I really don't know where to begin with something like this. Any help is appreciated!

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    This is possible using image maps and images for the highlighted areas

    I will produce a 'proof of concept' but you will need to produce all the images required and supply them to me.

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