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Thread: Saveas Dialog box

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    Saveas Dialog box

    Hello All

    I have a js function which load a whole letter in a div and have a print button that allow the user to print the letter. I have to add an option that allow the user to save the letter in a location.I was trying to do something like a saveas dialog which the user can save the letter at any location.Can anyone please help me to achieve it.Note that I am using IE8. Thank you, below is part of my code.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    window.onload =function()
    var content = window.opener.LoadLetterinPreview();

    <div id="print" style="border:1px red solid; width:650px;"></div>

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    The web browser already has a "Save as" menu that is more reliable and secure than allowing Javascript to trigger a file save.

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