I have not created a lot of forms in the past and any I used where pre-made. However, I need to create a simple HTML Form that can do the following:

|Operating Sysetm| |Free/Commercial| |Company| |Genre| |Platform|

Game Editor (Free & Commercial) --- If Game Editor doesn't have the feature you want, you can just make it by yourself! No need to worry about system issues or compatibility, no need to do anything other than come up with the ideas! Game developing has never been easier...(Read More) Available: Windows | Mac | Linux
So the above is a small sample to help me explain what I want it to do. The items between the brackets are representing a FORM Drop down List. The information in the QUOTE tag will be vastly bigger. However, by a person selecting on of these options (i.e Windows from the Operating System drop down) the system will show all information that can be used on Windows.

Are their any type of pre-made software that could allow me to do this or a tutorial that could explain how to do it?