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Thread: Google Chrome and CSS issue

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    Google Chrome and CSS issue


    This has to be the weirdest issue I have ever run into. Was working on my website in Google chrome this morning just fine. Like I always do. The it decided to not load any CSS. This website is in wordpress and the the file that wordpress refers to is not even loading. Not sure how to fix that. The website loads perfectly fine in all the other browsers, it is just google chrome on my computer that and my laptop that wont load the CSS. Other people hear in the office can load it but it takes some time. I completely deleted my Google Chrome and installed it again, still no luck. At this point I have officially run out of ideas. Have googled the issue but have not really come across any solution. I have also cleared my cache about 4 times and it still does not work. you can take a look at the website here: http://www.new.tropitan.biz

    If someone could figure this out or knows a similar issue. My guess is there is something wrong with my code. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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